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Dental Phobia

I have suffered a severe phobia of the dentist since the age of about 6 and after many anxieties, I thought it was time to address my fears.

Through a recommendation of a friend’s success with Philippa, I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. After 2 sessions with Philippa, I have worked through my fears of the dentist and addressed some other issues.

Hypnotherapy has completed worked for me, Philippa’s kind and caring nature has produced results I thought unachievable.

I cannot thank her enough and can say without hesitation hypnotherapy has addressed my fears and I feel a calmer and confident person.


Phobias Treatment for Phobias

Fear of Heights

I asked Philippa to help me overcome my fear of heights for an up and coming family ski holiday. I recognised I would never be great but because of my phobia, previous holidays were filled with anxiety.

Philippa put me at ease and despite being mildly sceptical I did relax. I was fully relaxed but aware of everything being said and also given a relaxation recording to follow up my session.

The holiday was a great success, still rubbish skier! But could laugh at myself. Enjoyed the ski lifts more than in previous years. Last week I surprised myself by enjoying a coastal walk, with some cliff edges. I was aware of the danger but recognised I was not in danger.

I would recommend hypnotherapy as it rationalises the irrational.


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Fear of Flying

I was recommended by a friend to visit Philippa last July as I was struggling to book an overseas holiday. With a large degree of cynicism, I agreed to an initial 90-minute session with Philippa as I couldn’t logically understand how this could assist with my fear of flying.

How wrong I was.

An hour and a half later, I was brought out of a deep trance and advised that I needed no more sessions, however, I was told not to discuss anything of the session until the following day (i.e. sleep on it)

I did this and lo and behold the nagging doubts around flying has gone from my head. A holiday was booked to Portugal. I am going to Portugal again this year in July and September – so much easier than driving to the South of France.

I have already recommended Philippa’s service to a few friends and colleagues.



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I saw Philippa for hypnotherapy in relation to a bereavement issue. She was kind, genuine and truly understanding. She helped me piece together the problem, understand it and move forward. It wasn’t complicated, or judgemental and such a helpful process. I felt comfortable at all times and can’t thank her enough for helping me to make some really significant changes in my life without realising! The unconscious mind is amazing. I would recommend her to any family member or friend.

Thank you


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Public Speaking

I had 2 very successful hypnotherapy sessions with Philippa and I was surprised by how subtle yet effective this was in helping me with a long-standing issue of public speaking.

Philippa’s friendly and calm manner quickly put me at ease and she gave a good explanation as to how hypnotherapy works and what would happen in the session.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to family or friends in the future.

Thanks again for your help.


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I am so pleased I made the time to go see Philippa, the treatment has been a huge help in overcoming locked emotions relating to a particularly difficult time.

The session with Philippa made me realise I hadn’t dealt with the event unconsciously and through her expert guidance and treatment this was dealt with in one session.

I cannot thank her enough.


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Medical Procedure

Having received notification of an invasive medical procedure I made an appointment with Philippa for hypnotherapy based relaxation techniques.

I managed the medical procedure without any discomfort and felt at ease throughout. I received a CD to practice my technique at home and found Philippa’s reassuring words enabled me to have the procedure without worry.

Philippa is a professional, competent, warm person and I can whole heartedly recommend her to anyone having concerns or worries about a health or life event.


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Weight Reduction

If you want to change your like talk to Philippa, She’s certainly changed mine for the better. Having struggled with my weight for years a couple of sessions gave me the motivation to try again. No diets this time just a picture of what I wanted for me and what success would look like.

I’ve reduced my weight by over 3 stone and it’s been so easy and more importantly this time it will stay off. I am truly grateful to Philippa and would recommend that whatever the problem you want to talk to her.

One very happy size 12.


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I first came into contact with Philippa after about 44 years of suffering from agoraphobia and associated social phobias. I had managed to suppress and control the problem with alcohol and prescription medication, 3 spells in psychiatric hospitals and 9 years on Prozac but the agoraphobia would not go away.

Philippa came as being an extremely competent hypnotherapist, she had experience of agoraphobia from her solid background in mental health. I could rarely leave my home and was completely dependent on others for my day to day existence. After two sessions of hypnotherapy, I could leave the safety of my own home and go out, shopping for my own food which previously had been an impossible and nightmare experience.

Several months later I am now 90% independent and in control of my life again, whatever I want to do is now possible. No fear, panic and full confidence. I am still building up my self-esteem and self-worth but after 44 years of fear and self-doubt, that’s only to be expected.

Philippa Gallagher in 7 months has turned my life around, she has given back to me my freedom and independence, without sounding ‘over the top’ without Philippa’s help and support I would not have the life, freedom, independence and ‘looking forward to the future’ that I have now. Thank you, Philippa.


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My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the Hypnobirthing course, which was very positive, informative and relaxing to prepare us for the arrival of our gorgeous baby boy.

During the course, I felt relaxed, let go of my fears and felt prepared for the birth. I used the techniques we had learnt in labour and the midwives said they could tell I was a hypnobirther having a calm, quick labour.

Philippa who ran the course was so enthusiastic and passionate about hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing which filled us with confidence. I don’t think could have gone better which is down to the support from Philippa and the hypnobirthing course, we’d definitely recommend it.


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