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Emotional distress can be a response to traumatic events or incidents in our lives. Such trauma can occur as a result of assault, abusive relationships, medical interventions, witnessing traumatic incidents or any event that caused or threatened physical injury. These events can leave a lasting effect, producing feelings of anxiety and insecurity, panic attacks, phobias and depression along with nightmares and flashbacks. You may also experience emotions like anger, panic, fear and sadness which may be triggered by certain situations.

Trauma hypnotherapy is an effective treatment that uses the Amygdala Desensitising Technique (ADT).  This uses a rapid eye movement technique this processes past traumatic memories in the brain and alleviates distressing symptoms.


I am so pleased I made the time to go see Philippa, the treatment has been a huge help in overcoming locked emotions relating to a particularly difficult time.

The session with Philippa made me realise I hadn’t dealt with the event unconsciously and through her expert guidance and treatment this was dealt with in one session.

I cannot thank her enough.


Trauma Hypnotherapy for PTSD